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Electronic writ-of-payment proceedings.


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When you don’t agree with a court ruling on your case.


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Online Corporate Legal Services

Comprehensive outsourcing of legal services online.
Representing foreign companies in Poland.

We provide day-to-day legal services for companies which do not employ their legal team. We are a modern legal firm providing comprehensive services covering all or some of the legal aspects of a company.

Remote legal assistance, which enables you to communicate with a qualified lawyer in real time.

Our clients use a simple online application which we have created especially for this purpose.

The advantages of this application include user friendliness, confidentiality, security and unlimited 24/7 access.

We also offer subscription-based payments (the price of service depends on time spent by our lawyer on online work during a month).

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We use an electronic system for handling the cases. Our Clients can access their case files and check the status at all times.
No matter where or when, all they need to do is just log in to the system.

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We provide free-of-charge, secure and encrypted online access to your case files. Information on the case progress is regularly updated. At any time, the Client is able to read and print out case documents he or she may need, such as statements of claim, statements of defence, court correspondence, including summons, notices, letters from opponent, legal opinions on the case by a law firm, court judgements, administrative decisions etc. We enable you to hold web conferences with our lawyers.

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Request e-Advice



court fee for a suit
as part of electronic


of enforced

debt collection

Electronic writ-of-payment proceedings are used for money claims of up to PLN 100,000,000 (one hundred million zlotys) in cases which do not require hearing of evidence.

An order for payment is issued based on attached documents which confirm that a claim is legitimate.

With electronic writ-of-payment proceedings, the costs of proceedings are reduced and the order for payment is issued quicker.

Communication between the claimant and the e-Court is entirely electronic. A court fee for a suit as part of electronic writ-of-payment proceedings is 1.25% of the disputed amount, but no less than 30 zlotys (whereas in traditional proceedings it is 5%, in principle). The claimant therefore saves 3.75%, which with a claim of, say, PLN 12,500.00 equals PLN 468.75.

Additionally, the court will charge you with a handling fee of 1.80% to 2.60% of the court fee – which in our example equals PLN 3.91.

Furthermore, the claimant saves money which he or she would have to pay in traditional proceedings as stamp duty, that is PLN 17. This is not charged in the case of electronic writ-of-payment proceedings.

Through an e-Court, the claimant’s attorney – based on an electronic enforcement order – may file a request for initiation of enforcement proceedings to a judicial enforcement officer of choice.

The expenses related to the representation of the claimant by a licensed lawyer are paid by the defendant, after a valid order has been issued. The claimant pays an individually agreed flat rate.

Authorise our lawyer for your e-Case

Authorise our lawyer for your e-Case

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No need to go out. No travel costs. No time wasting.

You will receive an electronic form of our written legal advice within 24 hours.

Our opinions cover the civil law, inheritance law, labour law, damages law, criminal law, family law and administrative law.

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Request and appeal

If you don’t agree with a court ruling on your case, you should, within 7 days of such ruling, apply to the Court which has made it, for explanation of reasons, using a standard form.

At the same time, send an email to us, describing the problem, and attach any documents related to the case, especially photocopies of hearing minutes.

Within 3 business days, we will return to you with an initial cost estimate for preparation of an appeal document (appeal, complaint, cassation, cassation appeal etc).

Having received a written explanation of reasons, send a scan of it to our email address.

Within 48 hours, we will inform you whether an appeal is legitimate, confirm the cost estimate and send you a

power of attorney form with an agreement, so that you can authorise our lawyer to draw up and sign the actual appeal.

In order for us to be able to lodge the appeal, you must return the signed original of the power of attorney form, by courier or expedited postal service, as well as pay the required court registration fee plus our fee charged for drawing up an appeal, complaint or another document.

Ordering a service is not tantamount to personal representation of the Client at a trial, hearing or other proceedings resulting from an appeal.

Download an application for explanation of reasons

Download an application

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